About Me

Robert and his dog Garbage

Hi, I’m Robert. That’s me on the right with my dog Garbage. He’s pretty dumb, but I still love him. I’ve been involved professionally with technology since 2004. I automate things; you know taking the boring repeatable task and placing them on auto-pilot. The tech industry calls that Infrastructure as Code (IAC). I call it my passion.

My other passion in life is gaming. Not so much digital gaming, but analog gaming. Analog gaming sounds cooler than board and card games. Don’t get me wrong, I still love indie video games as long as I can get my hands on the physical cartridge for my Nintendo switch. However board and card games remain my favorite. My favorite game is Magic The Gather, and I’m obsessed with cube drafting. I own a Conspiracy Cube and I’m currently working on gathering the cards for a Mirage Block Cube. Some of other favorite games include At the Gates of Loyang, Blue Moon Legends, Dominion, and Hawaii.